How to Get Someone's IP from Steam

If you ever joined a public server or wanted to get whitelisted, you might have searched for a quick and convenient SteamID converter. At the same time, you might also notice that many people are concerned with the question of how to get someone's IP from a Steam ID or how to get IP through Steam. This request may sound suspicious, even considering the probable scenario of your laptop getting stolen and you want to trace the last login IP address via Steam. You might find some life hacks on how to get someone’s IP on Steam, that describe the magic of spotting the IP for a mere second when it might appear public for you. Either way, these hacks are far from the truth. Method of getting a player's IP address by dialing through Steam chat and listening to connections with WireShark was fixed in 2015’s. Using WireShark to get IP in Steam

Another trick that’s described as still working on Youtube is about getting IP and location info of another player through an external website. This requires sending a shortened link to a malicious website, and Steam secures such attempts by putting a warning sign. Suspicious URL warning message in Steam chat

Steam never discloses the user’s IP, location, or any other information. Valve is constantly improving security measures of their game platform, so the possibility of existence of similar easy-to-execute bugs in future is nearly impossible.

How to Find out Steam IP

Steam platform owns a huge variety of IP addresses dedicated for different purposes. The only IP address for Steam that is static and open to public view - is steamcommunity’s official website IP. Every other IP address that might be considered as subject for DDOS-attack is hidden. Steam game and content servers operating behind server gateway, which assigns dynamic IP addresses. This process effectively secures Steam from DDOS attacks.

Some Dangers to Find Someone's Steam IP

Nowadays you should beware of any website that claims they’re able to get the Steam-player's IP “easily for moderate pay”. The truth is - no one can (besides Steam admins themselves), and you should view such bold statements as scam attempts. Although, while most of the information that you choose to put on the public display is not considered to be a subject of a court case, the attempt to find someone's IP can be viewed as an illegal activity. It is better to be safe than sorry and never trust shady companies that offer you a secret of how to get ip from Steam ID.