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Steam ID Search: What to enter in the field above to get my SteamIDs?

Examples on what can be entered:

Vanity URL

SteamID64 URL

SteamID2 URL[U:1:22202]

Invite link

Invite link (short)

Steam64 ID


Steam2 ID


Steam3 ID


Custom URL


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What is SteamID?

SteamID is a unique identifier for your Steam account.
Steam ID can be converted to more modern formats steamID64 and steamID3. Using steamID64, you can search for a user's page. Short URL is a unique address of the user's personal page in the Steam community.

How To Find and Get Steam ID

Players often ask similar questions:

  • What is my Steam id?
  • Where to find Steam id
  • How to find my Steam id?
  • Where is my Steam id and so on

To see the Steam ID, use the service. Enter any format from the example above.
You can use any Steam IDs format:

  • steam64id
  • steam hexadecimal
  • steam profile link
  • steam community link

Steam 64 ID: what is it?

Steam 64 bit is a unique user ID for your Steam account.
Each user gets a unique ID after registering on Steam, this ID is Steam64id. Steamid64 is different from a nickname: the ID consists only of numbers and cannot be changed by the user to another.

Steam Hex: What is a Steam Hexadecimal

Hex is short for hexadecimal.
Steam hex ID is your Steam ID 64, which is represented in hexadecimal notation. Steam Hex Code you may need to whitelist when creating a server in FiveM.

How to Find and Get Steam Hex

You can use as Steam Hex ID Finder.
In addition to Steamhex Code, the service will return other values:

  • clean steamid64
  • steam profile URL
  • steam community url

Steam Profile ID or Steamcommunity ID: what is it?

You can set a short link for your Steam Profile. This is called a Custom URL or Vanity URL. Steam Profile ID or Steamcommunity ID