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Check steam account value and get price of your profile

How much is my Steam account worth? This is a fairly common question. If you have a Steam account for quite some time, you must have thought of its worth at least once. And the 2nd pretty good question is: what makes your Steam profile valuable? Or maybe you are looking for options to buy or sell your account.

The short answer for the previous question is your time multiplied by your investment in games, and there you have the basic idea of Steam account value. However, if you spent years building your gamer’s library, you don’t have to spend hours discovering your account’s price. saves your time and provides you with flawless and precise results.

What is a Steam profile calculator

SteamID Pro has accesses to your public library and calculates the worth of your account in one click. The value is based on the price of all games that you possess. Make sure your profile is not private for getting all the relevant information you are looking up.

Everything you need is your account number, which you can access either via SteamID or your Steam app. Click on your username at the top of the Steam app window and find the number below your name in the emerged URL line. The process is quite simple, quick, and saves tons of hours.

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Steam account value - how we calculate and what will be in the future

At the moment, you can get the baseline price calculated for you. Steam info calculator doesn’t include into the estimation:

  • in-game inventory,
  • time spent playing,
  • creation date,
  • unique achievements.

Right now you can get the generic value for all your game possessions and soon you will have more available possibilities with SteamID Pro.

We are constantly improving, many new features will be presented quite soon with our Steam account price calculator. Stay updated with us!

PS: What features would you like to see in our product? Please write in the comments