How to Find out Someones Steam Email

Let’s say you have your friend’s email but you forgot their nickname, you start to wonder how to find someone on Steam with their email. There are a variety of ways to find Steam members but it is impossible to find Steam user by email. Even with the best services like SteamID Pro, you can find the account ID or invite link only by having their vanity URL. Any other methods would be considered as illegal or fraudulent and we will go through this problem later in the post.
The standard search results of SteamID Pro consist of old and new formats of the user's profile you might need to join the server or add for whitelisting. SteamID Pro is the best choice for finding your original Steam ID, invite link, or any other format for you. However, Steam email finder is a rarity out there.

SteamID Finder Results

How to find out Steam email

As we mentioned previously, Steam user search by email is impossible due to various reasons. First of all, one’s email is considered to be private information regardless of private or public account type. Second of all, your own email address you can easily check in your account details. If you have any problems with remembering the email it is better to contact Steam Support, rather than ask for third party websites to find it for you.
If you still wonder how to find out someones Steam email with their Steam ID or invite link, we would also indicate that it is impossible. Emails are known only to the profile owners and even if you disclosed this information to someone, you can be safe.

Some dangers to find someones steam email

Steam email address finder is a rather a myth. As well, you might feel anxious if someone can someone find my Steam account name via email, we can assure you that it’s impossible. However, there is a danger of a data breach that can result in you losing your account or giving it to fraudsters.
It is much safer not to perform this type of search and use such services like SteamID Pro for finding necessary formats to join the servers.


The most alarming red flag you must notice if you enter a third party service to help you out with Steam ID formats is the search Steam users by email. Leave the website or app immediately, especially if they ask you to pay for using their services.
Neither can you find Steam id by email or find a trustworthy Steam email finder. If someone promises you such services, most probably they are scammers.


Steam never discloses emails of users by any circumstances and any data breaches can lead to serious legal consequences. Steam search by email, if offered to you, can be considered as a fraudulent activity and you should never trust third party services.